The corporate law firm Herbst Kinsky advised zoomsquare GmbH in connection with its financing round involving Hermann Hauser the Austrian pioneers of the British startup scene as investor.

zoomsquare is an Austrian IT start-up established in 2013 which brings house hunting, thanks to new technologies, innovative features and open data to a next level. The Austrian startup of the Year offers a new time-saving experience for house hunting using zoomsquare on your PC or mobile app. With growth over 350% in the first half of 2015, zoomsquare has is one of the fastest growing real estate startups in Europe. The company is able to make that claim by boasting access to nearly 1,000 indexed real estate sites and 110,000 transparent properties in Austria. With 200k unique visits per month only in Austria, zoomsquare is amongst the market’s top 10 players.

The Austrian Hermann Hauser is one of the pioneers of the British startup scene. Hauser helped to build up the thriving Silicon Fen in Cambridge, often referred to as the British Silicon Valley. Under his leadership Cambridge has morphed into a flourishing startup tech cluster with over 1,500 businesses and sales approaching 15 billion Euros per year. He helped lead the development of market-leading ARM processors found in nearly every cell phone, tablet and laptop. He has a reputation for not only guiding successful IPOs, but also multi-million dollar exits, evidenced by sales to Microsoft (software), Nvidia (hardware) and the €600M purchase of Solexa from Illumina (biotech).

Philipp Kinsky has led the team of Herbst Kinsky with the support of David Pachernegg during this transaction.

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