Paul Lind, Alexander Kornell and Lucas Iser, as founders of reebuild, agree: when it comes to construction, things have to move fast, and that also applies to the area of materials procurement.

The Viennese ConstructionTech start-up is therefore developing an independent building materials software that puts the previous analogue ordering process, which involves a lot of paper, on digital rails. Especially in times of supply bottlenecks and construction price increases, the uncomplicated, clear ordering of building materials is a benefit. Foremen and site managers currently have to deal with more and more applications and a flood of paperwork. This is where reebuild comes in: “The user experience is central to the development. We offer a software in which orders can be placed collectively with suppliers. This means that teams on the construction site always have an overview. The most important thing, however, is the post-processing, in which we automatically check all documents for the order. This is a big step on the way to a paperless construction site – where site managers, foremen and supervisors can really concentrate on building”, Alexander Kornell gives an insight.

The independent building materials software from reebuild will start in spring with a pilot phase: up to 25 construction companies will test the digital procurement of materials from their suppliers directly on the construction site. The broad market launch will follow in summer 2023.

In the course of the pre-seed financing round that took place at the turn of the year, PlanRadar founder Domagoj Dolinsek and several investors via the Weilburg Family Office, including Storebox founder Ferdinand Dietrich, construction financier Philipp Hain and Laura Egg from ROI Ventures, have now invested in reebuild. PlanRadar founder Domagoj Dolinsek describes the motives for his investment as follows: “In my opinion, the digitalisation of purchasing is one of the major topics of the future in the construction industry. What convinced me about reebuild was the extremely motivated founding team, because they really understand the industry. The approach of an independent solution for the entire industry is forward-looking.”

The entire reebuild team brings experience from the building materials industry, building materials trade, software development and environmental management and is working hard and with know-how to realise the digital solution to automate manual work steps around procurement. Asked about the big vision, Lucas Iser adds: “In the long term, we want to completely automate all administrative efforts around ordering – and that for all trades. Our goal is to become the number 1 software provider for purchasing and logistics in the construction industry. But it is also important that we do not build a marketplace that stands between the parties. This is neither necessary nor desirable due to the mostly long and intensive supplier relationships of the companies in Europe.

The Herbst Kinsky team was led by lawyer Valerie Mayer, supported by Leopold Gottsauner-Wolf (both Venture Capital & Start-up).